Snake Nation is a mission-driven culture, content and technology company, HQ in Atlanta and Cape Town. We are empowering young Multicultural Millennial (M2) creators and coders to enter the global Creative Economy on their own terms, building sustainable careers. We encompass online platforms, College Societies and Social Studios dedicated to

Creative Rebels in film, music, art, fashion, dance, and tech. We are building a platform that helps M2 (Multicultural Millennial) creators, build audience, distribute their product and drive value for their work in the global creative economy. Snake Nations spends at least 55% of our gross profits with millennial creators and technology developers of color.

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Our Pillars

How we bridge the gap

online platforms


SnakeNation.io is our authentic social platform where creativity challenges rules and dopeness delivers value. We are creating a social media platform that allows users to earn from their interactions with content, creators and brands. Platform members are incentivised for engaging with content (posting, flame-ups, comments, shares) in VNM.
Whats VNM? VNM is our platform token, a cryptocurrency that lives in every user's assigned digital wallet and can be traded for subscribing to premium content, mobile data, merch, and gear. After our Beta, VMN will be traded for real-world and off-platform value.


University Societies

Located on over 52 Campuses throughout Southern African, Snake Nation has established university-based societies focused on Creative Industries, Technology, and Entrepreneurship. Each society is run by students and any registered student may be a member. Societies hold a number of events every year including training, workshops, concerts, movie nights, poetry sessions and hackathons.

Social Studios

Black Unicorns
Venture Studio

Our Social Studios are physical spaces to support an ecosystem for incubating and accelerating young diverse entrepreneurs in the content and technology sectors. Located in various communities accross the globe, we use those communities as the a pool for both the talent and the market the solutions built serve. Our Social Studios are spaces to create stories and build solutions.

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