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We are Snake Nation

Snake Nation is a mission-driven culture, content and technology company, HQ in Atlanta, GA and Cape Town, South Africa. We are empowering young Multicultural Millennial (M2) creators and coders to enter the global Creative Economy on their own terms and build sustainable careers. We encompass an online platform, College Societies and Social Studios dedicated to Creative

Rebels in film, music, art, fashion, dance, and tech. We are building a platform that helps M2 (Multicultural Millennial) creators, build audience, distribute their product and drive value for their work in the global creative economy. We spend at least 55% of our gross profits with millennial creators and technology developers of color.

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Our vision is to tap into the creative economy by helping creatives to Distribute, Promote, and access value through their creative work.


Snake Nation Societies

Located on over 52 Campuses throughout Southern Africa Snake Nation has established university-based societies focused on Creative Industries, Tech and Entreprenurship. Each society is run by students and any registered student may be a member. Societies hold a number of events every year including workshops, concerts, movie nights, poetry sessions and hackathons. Each society is partially funded by Snake Nation, the company is also assisting societies with training, talks on campus and workshops.



Snake Nation in partnership with YOMYOMF Foundation and the Cape Town International Film Market and Festival will be hosting Interpretations’ first international contest in South Africa. Filmmakers will be asked to submit a short film of no more than 3 minutes using the same four-line script. Interpretations is a short film contest, an initiative from USA based YOMYOMF Foundation. With the support of our sponsors, our winners will get the opportunity to direct a Snake Nation produced project under the mentorship of US industry filmmakers.

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